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What to Say & How to Say It!

I sucked as a salesperson!!

The issue wasn't with the company, the product, or the price; it was with me. I was far from being a successful salesperson.

Endless hours were spent sending proposals, attending meetings, and countless conference calls, only to end up losing to competitors, or even worse, watching potential leads go nowhere!


Believe me, I used to point fingers at everyone else for years, until the truth hit me: I was the problem. I needed to up my sales game!

One day, I finally said, "It's on you. It's not about your territory, your manager, the price, or the state of the economy... it's YOU! So, what's your plan?"

The answer: I started doing what no one else was doing. I focused on reaching the right people, being transparent, mastering the art of asking meaningful questions, qualifying leads, and not wasting time on fruitless endeavors.

In just one year, I went from being 80k in debt to paying off my debts and earning over 300,000. The following year, I crossed the 1 million mark.

How did I do it? I mastered the art of selling!

If you're tired of the excuses and yearn to take pride in not just your products (because I know you already do), but in yourself, then download this. Give it a listen for a month.

You'll be grateful you did!


What People Are Saying:

John is a gifted instructor because he has many years of experience as both a Sales Professional and Sales Trainer. He knows a variety of creative training methods to ensure you learn. John is the best instructor I have ever had and I have had dozens. I highly recommend John to anyone who would like to improve his/her sales skills and techniques.